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Most Dangerous Amusement Park On the Planet

Guangzhou – It is called Wansheng Ordovician and is located in the municipality of Chongqing, in the center of the Asian giant. There, between vertigo cliffs and rocky walls, visitors cross Tibetan bridges without support to hold on or glass walkways 300 meters high.

Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park (WOTP) located in Wansheng district, Chongqing. – RAVI NEWS

China is the country of records. As an example, the Asian giant inaugurated the longest glass bridge in the world just a week ago , but shortly before it had released Crystal, the tallest horizontal skyscraper in the world . Yes, horizontal, included in the Guinness Book. The architectural follies do not end here, but it also has the most impressive and extreme amusement park in the world, not suitable for all types of audiences.

Its name is Wansheng Ordovician and it is located in Chongqing, on a peninsula on the Yangtze River , in the center of the country. There is this tourist complex built on top of a mountain at more than 1,300 meters high . Hence, the views of the wild nature that populates the place are already an incentive to get to know it.


Then there would be the desire to release adrenaline from its visitors, which before the Covid-19 pandemic reached 7,000 every day. For starters, the park (whose entrance is 180 yuan, just under 23 euros) has a Tibetan-style bridge suspended at 123 meters high without any type of net or railing. The only support that people who jump to try it have is a harness. In addition, the boards on which you have to pass are separated by a distance that reaches 1.2 meters in some sections, so you have to jump. In other parts of the route you have to pull ropes to be able to cross the bridge.

Crystal walkways of the Chinese park. – RAVI NEWS

There are several more bridges within the Wansheng Ordovician, such as the one that is raised 150 meters above a cliff , composed of a series of hollow metal rods, so that it becomes more slippery. The same happens with a third suspension bridge whose floor is rope, so stability shines, once again, by its absence . The harness is once again the only protection for daring tourists.


Another of the complicated tests of the theme park is the Sky Porch, a completely transparent glass platform in the shape of an A that looks out over the Taurus waterfall , located more than 300 meters high. In addition, it has an appendix that protrudes from a rocky wall supported by steel cables . We are facing the longest attraction in the world of these extreme characteristics, as the Guinness Book of Records has certified As if that were not enough, there is the option of camping on this transparent walkway and spending the night on it.

The swings of Wansheng Ordovician. – RAVI NEWS

There is more to Wansheng Ordovician , as one can also climb on a swing that swings over 300 meters over a dizzying cliff. The feeling of falling into the void is brutal, according to those who have tried the experience. The theme park also offers canyoning, kayaking or hiking activities , too light for the more restless souls who usually end up here.

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